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Final  Program (CET Time)

*** 8th December

16.00 Registation Opening

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*** 9th December

9.15 – Welcome from the Chairs

9.30 – Keynote speaker: Alain Pannetrat (Senior Researcher at Cloud Security Alliance)

Measuring security for continuous assurance

10.30 – Session 1: Model based testing 1

Session Chair: Franz Wotawa

Using Model Learning for the Generation of Mock Components

Sebastien Salva and Elliott Blot

Learning Abstracted Non-Deterministic Finite State Machines      

Andrea Pferscher and Bernhard K. Aichernig

Using an SMT solver for checking the completeness of FSM-based tests (SHORT)    

Evgenii Vinarskii, Andrey Laputenko and Nina Yevtushenko

12.00 – Session 2: Model based testing 2

Session Chair: Sergio di Martino

Interrogating Virtual Agents: In Quest of Security Vulnerabilities     

Josip Bozic and Franz Wotawa

Giving a Model-based Testing Language a Formal Semantics via Partial MAX-SAT                     

Bernhard Aichernig and Christian Burghard

Architecture based on keyword driven testing with domain specific language for a testing system (SHORT)               

Ricardo Pereira, Miguel Brito and Ricardo Machado

14.30 – Session 3: Testing methods and applications

Session Chair: Umberto Villano

A Technique for Parallel GUI Testing of Android Applications       

Porfirio Tramontana, Nicola Amatucci and Anna Rita Fasolino

Trigger Alarm A Smart NFC Sniffer for High-Precision Measurements    

Martin Erb, Christian Steger, Martin Troyer and Josef Preishuber-Pfugl

Methods for Live Testing of Cloud Services            

Oussama Jebbar, Ferhat Khendek and Maria Toeroe

16.00 – Session 4: Testing methods and automation 1

Session Chair: Alessandra De Benedictis

Automatic Fairness Testing of Machine Learning Models        

Arnab Sharma and Heike Wehrheim

Inspecting Code Churns to Prioritize Test Cases           

Francesco Altiero, Anna Corazza, Sergio Di Martino, Adriano Peron and Luigi Libero Lucio Starace

*** 10th December 

9.30 –  Industrial Session

Automation, methodologies and techniques for continuous security assessment (Accenture Security)

Pietro Petrella

Security Testing methodologies for certified digital identity systems (Bit4ID)

Paolo Campegiani

10.30 – Session 5: Security Testing 1

Session Chair: Massimiliano Rak

APPregator: a large-scale platform for mobile security analysis     

Luca Verderame, Davide Caputo, Andrea Romdhana and Alessio Merlo

Vulsploit: a module for semi-automatic exploitation of vulnerabilities    

Arcangelo Castiglione, Francesco Palmieri, Mariangela Petraglia and Raffaele Pizzolante

About the Robustness and Looseness of Yara Rules          

Gerardo Canfora, Mimmo Carapella, Andrea Del Vecchio, Laura Nardi, Antonio Pirozzi and Corrado Aaron Visaggio

12.00 – Session 6: Security Testing 2

Session Chair: Valentina Casola

Measurement-based analysis of a DoS Defense Module for an Open Source Web Server                   

Marta Catillo, Antonio Pecchia and Umberto Villano

Trust is in the air: a new adaptive method to evaluate mobile wireless networks                      

Alexandra Mocanu, Bogdan-Costel Mocanu, Christian Esposito and Florin Pop

Enabling Next-Generation Cyber Ranges with Mobile Security Components                     

Enrico Russo, Luca Verderame and Alessio Merlo

Hacking Goals: a goal-centric attack taxonomy in computer systems (SHORT)     

Francesco Caturano, Gaetano Perrone and Simon Pietro Romano

14.30 – Session 7: Testing methods and automation 2

Session Chair: Ana Cavalli

Automated Transition Coverage in Behavioural Conformance Testing     

Lina Marsso, Radu Mateescu and Wendelin Serwe

An Executable Mechanised Formalisation of an Adaptive State Counting Algorithm                    

Robert Sachtleben

A Comparative Study on Combinatorial and Random Testing for Highly Configurable Systems (SHORT)               

Hao Jin, Takashi Kitamura, Eun-Hye Choi and Tatsuhiro Tsuchiya

16.00 – Closing Session

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