Wetice 2019

Villa Orlandi, Anacapri, Capri Island, Italy

The Conference venue is the Centre for Scientific Culture “Villa Orlandi”, Via Finestrale 2, Anacapri, Capri Island, Italy.


Getting to Capri from Naples

In Naples, there are two piers from which ferries to Capri depart: Molo Beverello and Calata di Massa. The Molo Beverello pier is located in front of Maschio Angioino in the Piazza Municipio, the Calata di Massa pier is located further east (to the left, facing the sea).
High speed ferries depart from Molo Beverello, and ferries and slow ferries from Calata di Massa.
Schedules and prices change often: check again the day before you are scheduled to travel! (When seas are very rough, high speed ferries are often suspended and only ferries and slow ferries continue to run).


Getting to the Molo Beverello Port from the Naples Airport

  • Bus – Out of the terminal, look for the Alibus line that runs from the airport to the center of Naples. The bus makes three stops: the first in Piazza Garibaldi, the second at Calata di Massa (where many ferries depart), and the third at the port, near Molo Beverello. Tickets can be purchased directly on board (about 4€).
  • Taxi – the official taxi stand is located at the exit from the terminal. Request the fixed fare for the port (about €20).


Getting to the Molo Beverello Port from the Naples Train Station

  • Metro – take Metro Linea 1, the Piazza Municipio stop towards “Piscinola” (frequency 15 minutes). After exiting the underground, you will need to walk about 100 meters to the port.
  • Taxi – The fixed fare for the taxi is about 12€. If you don’t have much time and have a number of bags, take a taxi.


Once in Capri (Marina Grande port), how to reach Villa Orlandi (Anacapri)

  • Bus – direct bus from Marina Grande-piazzetta di Anacapri (frequency 90 minutes)
  • Funicolare+Bus – from Marina Grande-Capri (frequency 15 minutes) + Bus Capri-Anacapri (frequency 15 minutes)
  • Private bus (minimum 10 people) – reserve at info@staiano-capri.com
  • By taxi to Anacapri – the fare from Marina Grande to Anacapri begins at €25 plus extra luggage fees.